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Consider the "Job" of college student. Describe how you might perform a job analysis on this
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Please answer the following in two to three short paragraphs:

  1. Consider the "Job" of college student.  Describe how you might perform a job analysis on this job to get information. List three or four tasks of the job in order of importance and follow that with two or three job specifications.

2. Consider the job of a customer service representative who fields telephone calls from customers of a retailer that sells on-line and through catalogs.  What measures can an employer take to design this job to make it efficient?  What might be some drawbacks or challenges of designing this job for efficiency?

3. How might the job in Question 12 be designed to make it more motivating?

4. Consider a job you hold now or have held recently.  Would you want this job to be redesigned to place more emphasis on efficiency, motivation, ergonomics, or mental processing?  What changes would you recommend and why?



5. What are the key components of a well written job description?  (minimum content needed)

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