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Should Project Management Process always be used for IT projects? Are there
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Should Project Management Process always be used for IT projects? Are there cases where it should not be used?  List and discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and potential impacts of using PM processes. Define and discuss Critical Path Analysis, PERT charts and GANTT charts. When are they best used and why? Can each be used in determining scope, budgets, and schedules? How? What are some of the positive attributes or negative concerns when using each of these charts? What concerns might a PM have in basing decisions on these charts? What is the Project Life Cycle?  Describe and give examples of each phase of the PLC.  What is the role of the project manager at each stage?  What skills do you think are most important at each and why?   What is the most important phase? Why?How can Project Managers work with different types of stakeholders at each stage to ensure project success and manage change?  What are key groups of stakeholders?  What is the role of stakeholders and how can one manage stakeholders at each phase? What are some common mistakes that a project manager might make?  What do you think are the most important practices and skills needed to successfully work with stakeholders? this is for a information technology project management course so please answer the 4 questions from that scope. 

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