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PHI 208 Week 5 Quiz 2017
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1. In the video “Sexism in the News Media 2012” what is it that some newscasters blame military women for?

being killed in combat

being raped

not being able to have children

being war heroes

2. In “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, Virginia Held claims that which abstract concept has guided the development of Western ethics?

The feminist woman  

The child of love  

The man of reason  

The mother of care

3. How have historians tended to treat typically male tendencies versus typically female tendencies, according to Nel Noddings in the article “Maternal Ethics”?

Historians value female tendencies more highly because it is childbearing and childrearing that enable the group to survive  

Male tendencies, like mathematics, warfare, and even singing have been prized more highly by historians  

Historians have generally paid equal regard to both kinds of tendency.  

Historians value female tendencies more highly because most historians have themselves been female

4. According to Virginia Held’s article “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, a thinker named Annette Baier claims that the history of Western ethical thought does not take into account feminine aspects because:

The great moral theorists were often loving husbands.

The great moral theorists hated women.

The great moral theorists were men who had little intimate interaction with women.

Oh, those great moral theorists

5. According to Virginia Held in “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, feminist theories of self:

see the self as related to specific humans in relationship

see human selves primarily in competitive terms

relate the individual to universal attempt to do away with the notion of the self altogether

attempt to prove that the female self is naturally superior to the male self

6. In Carol Gilligan’s example from In a Different Voice, the child named Amy focuses on which aspect of the Heinz dilemma?

the relationships involved in the dilemma  

the logical nature of the problem  

a utilitarian calculus that weighs the options  

Kohlberg’s theory of moral development

7. According to Virginia Held from “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, which of the following have been aligned with femininity in the history of Western thought?




all of the above

8. According to Caroline Heldman, which of the following is a question that applies to her sexual object test?

Does the image show people having sex?

Does the image show a person as something that can be bought or sold?

Does the image display a full image of a woman?

Does the image display violence against people in the image?

9. What does Noddings say about male versus female language when opposing war in the article “Maternal Ethics”?

Men are more likely to speak in the abstract about violence; women are more likely to refer to their own hands on experience in helping victims of violence  

Women are more likely to become emotional rather than rational when discussing such matters  Women and men use approximately the same types of language when discussing the horror of death

Women feel that language is irrelevant; it is actions that count

10. What does Nel Noddings have to say about essentialism about gender, according to the article “Maternal Ethics”?

It is problematic because it has been associated with creation and because it has always favored males over females

It is the clearly false view that men and women have essences

It wrongly assumes that God could not have made us in ways that were contrary to our ‘essential nature’

Culture is irrelevant; all of our behaviors are innate

11. According to Nel Noddings’s “Maternal Ethics”, psychiatric studies have revealed which of the following about the relationship between criminal violence and childhood abuse?

Criminal violence follows childhood abuse equally in males and females  

When criminal violence follows childhood abuse it is almost alwaysin males  

Women are more likely to commit criminal violence if the childhoodabuse was at a younger age  No correlation has been found at all between criminal violence andchildhood abuse

12. What, according to Nel Noddings’ article “Maternal Ethics”, do male philosophers tend to say about death (as opposed to women)?

Men are more brave in the face of death than women because of their natural courageousness

Death tends to be harder on men due to their attachments to the glory of this world

Women are more able to allow their faith in the afterlife overcome their aversion to death

Male philosophers often talk as though the world or reason and abstraction is superior to the physical world of the body

13. According to the the video “Prostitutes of God”, what is the name of the female goddess to which young girls are dedicated and then forced into prostitution in India?





14. What does Nel Noddings say about rates of violent crime among men and women, according to the article “Maternal Ethics”?

Women commit nearly as much crime as men do; gender differences here are illusory

Men commit far fewer violent crimes than women; our ignorance of this is due to the influence of media.

There has never been a proven case of a woman committing a violent crime; all such crimes have been committed by men.

By nature men are generally much more violence prone than women

15. What does Noddings say about women’s feelings about the death of the body, according to the article “Maternal Ethics”?

Women know the preciousness of the body because they create them and care for them

Women, more than anyone, just want to know that the soul of their child has gone to heaven

Women are happy not to have to deal with the messiness of dead bodies

Men tend to be more sensitive to the death of the body since they are the ones that have to risk their own lives in war

16. According to Caroline Heldman, what product was pulled from Abercrombie and Fitch stores based on protests through a blog?

padded swimsuit tops for toddlers


deep V-neck t-shirts

yoga pants

17. According to Caroline Heldman, what is one way that men can contribute to overcoming the sexual objectification of women?

they can stop seeking attention

they can be kind to women

they can stop evaluating women based on their looks

they can tell women that they are attractive

18. According to Colin Stokes, which of the following are questions in the Bechdel test?

Is there more than one female character?

When they speak to each other, do they talk about something other than a man?

Do they speak to each other?

all of the above

19. According to Caroline Heldman, what is the name of being aware of one’s appearance in relation to position, light, who is watching, etc. ?

habitual body monitoring




20. In “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, Virginia Held uses which example to talk about the political distinctions that separate men and women in the realms of the public and the private?

a business man going out for cocktails   

a mother nursing her child   

a city planner developing a building   

a mother homeschooling her children


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    1. In the video “Sexism in the News Media 2012” what is it that some newscasters blame military women for? being killed in combat being raped not being able to have children being war heroes 2. In “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, Virginia Held claims that which abstract concept has guided the development of Western ethics? The feminist

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