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1st Assignment: 2nd assignment | Rated A+
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1st Assignment:
Discussion 1:
"Budgeting Time" Please respond to the following:
•        Justify the time it takes to put together a budget for a human resource project.
•       Support your justification by creating a hypothetical example of a human resource project. Relate specific elements of your example to support your justification

Discussion 2

"Valuing Risk Management" Please respond to the following:

•       Rank risk management in importance among the previous planning elements of budgeting, resourcing, scheduling, WBS and scope planning. Justify the ranking.

•       Create a scenario where the value of risk management would be minimal. Explain why.

2nd assignment

Discussion 1:
"TQM Planning" Please respond to the following:

Imagine your company is being used to subcontract the management of a project. However, you find that you must first convince the contracting company that your company is worthy of the position. Design a plan that centers on TQM and the contracting company’s increasing concern for a quality product. Be sure to address at least the following concerns:

Discussion 2

"Case Study: Affinity and Relationship Diagrams for Project Kick-off" Please respond to the following:

•       Give your opinion of the affinity diagram used in the case titled “Affinity and Relationship Diagrams for Project Kick-off”. Then, suggest an alternate method for a kickoff meeting. Rate the two methods (your suggested method and the affinity diagram) by comparison and decide which you would prefer and why.

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