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MGT 300 Week 3 DQ 2
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While I was viewing the video by John Gerzema, I noticed that he gave some very impressive numbers and percentages about how the consumer was spending the money and when the consumer was not spending the money he or she had in their possession. With the baby boomers coming of age to make a difference. In 1945 that was WWII until now, “The personal debt-to-income ratio basically went from 65 percent to 135 percent in the span of about 15 years,” (Gerzema, 2009). With this said the way the consumer can get out of debt would be to stop spending the money on things that are not needed to survive. As the consumer starts to save the money, he or she can start using the debit cards instead of credit cards. According to Gerzema, (2009), “Visa now reports that more people are using debit cards than they're using credit cards. So we're starting to pay for things with money that we have. And we're starting to be much more careful about how we save and how we invest.” 

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