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MGT 330 Week 1 - Summary
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This week I learned that all my other classes have built upon this class. How we interact with one another whether we are a manager or an employee  it matters how we are perceived. I also got a glimpse of the other side and that is management, what we take for granted in our day today jobs and assignments it is not so easy being managers . i hear employees and to be truth full I have said myself "Oh well it must be nice they are managers." but that is not always the case their are tough calls they have to make and protocols to follow. being put in the middle is not an easy place to be. Managers are placed between employees and those they answer to upper management. As employees we see the end result of what ever the action maybe. Managers must display a certain confidence not just in the way in which they carry themselves, but keep conversation confidential and gain the trust of upper management that conversations and exchanges are kept confidential as well.    

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