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MGT 401 Week 3 DQ 3 2
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Also, businesses should be concerned about “a la carte” pricing.  This relates to products that can carry the disclaimer “price does not include…..”  Not including certain features, services, options, etc. might be reasonable with some types of products, such as batteries for children’s toys.  However, if consumers expect your product or service pricing to include something, then charging for it on top of the base price will probably make a lot of them mad and look at the competition’s prices, especially if the competition includes this particular feature, service, etc.  A perfect example of this would be the airlines who charge for luggage.  Southwest Airlines has commercial campaigns out there now specifically stating that they do not charge for bags.  This would greatly affect my decision when choosing an airline, especially if I am saving upwards of $100 for each piece of luggage that I am taking with me

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