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MGT 401 Week 3 Discussion 2
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Two types of respirators discussed in class this week are air-purifying respirators known as A.P.Rs and supplied-air respirators known as S.A.Rs. Air-purifying respirators utilize special filters to target specific types of hazardous particles such as fumes, dust and mist. In contrast supplied-air respirators offer protection from hazards by supplying air directly to the subject. This is accomplished taking air from a secure container separate from the contaminated area through mask and tubing. Supplied-air respirators offer the highest level of protection against contaminants however their bulkiness brings additional safety concerns and are often very expensive. Air-purifying respirators offer mobility at a lower cost however the type of contaminant must be known in order to be effective. As stated in the text “Similar to playing Russian Roulette, 

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