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MGT 496 Week 1 Discussion 2
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My organization is unique as far as dependent demand. The primary purpose of our organization is to train Noncommissioned Officers to function at the next level of responsibility. To do this we use a combination of classroom instruction and practical field training. In the text it states “Dependent or predictive demand is that derived from consumer demand which produces ‘end use’ products or services – e.g. tyre manufacturer for new cars; this is driven by the derived requirement for new cars and planned for by the car assembler based on that company’s view of the independent demand from consumers” (Emmett, 2005, p 27). In our case the demand is dependent on the amount of students that are forecasted in a given period. The students are the consumers and we order enough office supplies and training supplies based on the projections. Although this system works, I would recommend we acquire supplies beyond our projected demands to accommodate unplanned extra students

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