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MGT 496 Week 3 Discussion 1
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The Army is in the process of updating its practices and procedures in its Noncommissioned Officer Education system (NCOES).  This involves when Noncommissioned officers go to school and what will be trained. During this process we are updating the databases that we use. We are also undergoing through a changeover in personnel to include the Commandant of the academy and our IT person. Two potential problems that may arise are the loss of key personnel and sudden changes to normal operations. As stated in the text “Be prepared for things to go wrong, such as key people leaving, hardware failures and exceptions occurring to the normal activity. Contingency plans will be needed along with flexible mindsets followed by responsive clear direction” (Emmett, 2005, p 150). Our organization needs to coordinate with Army Human Resources Command to have the replacements for to arrive before the personnel leaves in order to allow a smooth changeover of knowledge and responsibility. Contingency plans incorporated into our standard operating procedures and scenario drills will help with sudden changes.     


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