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MGT 496 Week 3 Discussion 2
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One potential safety hazard in my organization is the improper use of cleaning chemicals. The students in our academy are tasked with cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors and other cleaning task at the end of the day. In some cases the students mix together chemicals such as bleach, all purpose cleaner and pine oil to clean items. In many cases this produces toxic fumes in enclosed areas like the bathroom. Although the MSDS is located in a central area next to the cleaning supplies yet it is not often used by the students. One way to mitigate this risk is to give a block of instruction to each incoming class on chemical safety and go over the MSDS with each class. Another issue is the improper lifting of heavy objects by the students and cadre. The Military has a culture of doing things on their own and not asking for. Unfortunately this can have adverse effects on the body with particular focus on back injuries. There are several steps that personnel in my organization can take to mitigate this risk. In the text it states “Solutions: 

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