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MGT 496 Week 4 Discussion 1
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The 5-S system is used to try and make improvements on the quality, safety and productivity of a given area. There are levels focus on 5 steps labeled Sort, Straighten, and shine, standardize, and sustain. In the text it states “The 5-S discipline offers a practical step by step approach to making any works improvements, be it in a factory a warehouse or an office” (Emmett, 2005, p 18423).  This process is not limited to large warehouse facilities but can also be used at home in everyday task such as clearing a coffee table. Level 1: Sort the items on the table between required items and items that can be put away for future use. Level 2: set the items in an orderly way that can be used efficiently. Level 3: clear the table of trash and routinely clean the area of hazards (to table and rug) Level 4: Standardize or create a system and routine to between the laptops, remotes and videogames on the table. Level 5: sustain the system I created with my laptop, videogame and phone. Possibly making a chart of what actions to do first and last and reassess as circumstances change. One of the challenges I faced was deciding what to get rid of and what to keep. I overcame this by using shelves near my table rotating games and movies.      

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