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MGT 521 - WK 4 - DQ 2
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Managers use the costs of an organizations products or services for their evaluation to oversee the company’s current inventory of products or services, and to see the income determination of the company. The budgets of a company are used to review the organizations quantitative expression of their current plans. The performance reposts are shown when a company assesses or compares their budgets to actual results. The information related to the planning and controlling that assists the managers.


            I would have to say that from an investor’s in a small business point of view I would mainly be concerned with how the accounting of the business is being handled. This means I would want to make sure that the employee who oversees the accounting actions of the company is handling the company budgets in an honest manner. I think that anyone who wants to make sure that the accountants for my business are working honestly I would do checks on their progress in a routine manner and over look what they have done so far. 

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