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MGT 521 Week 1 DQ 2
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Using credentials, impartiality, style and tone, and currency criteria are all used to validate that the sources that I choose to reference or cite within my work is credible.  Making sure that the author offers or has qualifications on a subject.  Looking into the names that are published on the website, article, book, or periodical will offered one with a little more insight and confidence.  When I was working on my bachelor’s degree I did a lot of research on the Internet and found some really good articles that offered links or reference to other material that was helpful.  Though I did come across many articles that were of someone else’s opinion’s only and depending on what you are writing about or researching sometimes that is not the most appropriate form of source to use.  Besides we all know that bias’s is in all information at some point but reasonable support of an opinion or writing should be provided.

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