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MGT 521 Week 1 DQ 3
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Mistakes that should be avoided are many when it comes to taking, presenting, or managing a diverse group of people.  When you are presenting your argument avoid raising your voice to me it seems like you are interjecting only your personal feelings which in a business setting is not warranted unless you own the business.  But in the end raising your voice is never received well to anyone at any time.  Not be able to stay on task or organized is another common mistake that happens.  One could lose attention and this is not a good thing when presenting any argument if you need to write notes or have a outline of what will be discussed this should be done before hand so that time is not wasted and the points are received.  Another mistake is thinking that your side is the only side of the argument.  There will always be feedback whether good or bad the thing is to stick to what you believe and what you have researched but be open to other’s opinions as well.  

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