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MGT 521 Week 3 Learning Team Weekly Reflection
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In dealing with the lack of team work and compromise in this scenario Jan, Sally, and Mark's management will have to make the compromise for them.  It is obvious that Jan and Mark are being stubborn and trying to have their own way of things.  Sally unfortunately isn't able to get the two to compromise which leads one to believe that Jan and Mark are alpha individuals and don't feel that they need to listen to Sally.  This means that management has no other choice but to get involved and tell the team what is the best ad or the best compromise for the ad.  This is an option that management would like to avoid but in order to get this project done an executive decision needs to be made and unfortunately a compromised must be forced.  This should end the stalemate that the team is currently in and get them all back on track and the project completed on time.

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