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SEC 230 - Case Study - Week - 1
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Protecting and securing any kind of network is our responsibility as a network engineer. No matter what kind of situation we get into weather good or bad we have to stick to our ethics and knowledge to provide the best service and support to our consumers or to our organization that we associate with. Through this paper I am going to talk about various processes that are going on the network that puts you as the boss in worry. In networking field you hear about this matter a lot. It is common and something that happens daily. It isn’t a bad thing or a sign but the network administrators do not take that lightly. It is still in determined zone but it can result in a break into the system. If you are prepared for anything in this situation then nothing can go wrong. I will be covering both activities that you concern about in this paper, ping sweeps and port scans. As well as some ways to avoid this kind of intrusion. 

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