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SEC 230 - Case Study - Week - 4
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Internet is full of unwanted people who tries to intercept messages and useful information. If you connect your personal device with the internet network then you are automatically in the line of risk. Computer security or security of the network is not limited for organization, it is also important for personal computing. Internet threats are increasing constantly day by day. A threat is described in simple way as anything that has an intention of stealing information or harming others. The threats can come in different ways. It can come in a form of virus or another ways can be phishing or a spyware. There a lot of ways to prevent these kind of attacks and network vulnerabilities, such as anti-virussoftware and firewall. In this document I will be explaining some of the well-known security threats to the personal computers as well as the techniques the attackers use to steal our confidential information along with ways to prevent this from happening and securing the personal network. 

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