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Week 3 checkpoint Fiber Research
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Fiber Research

In order for one’s body to function properly one must consume foods that consist of certain vitamins, fats, proteins and fibers. All food items contain at least one nutrient vital for our body but unknown to most is the proper amount needed per food group. Here we are going to look at fiber and its impact on the human body as well as the recommended amounts needed.

Fiber can come in many shapes, sizes, tastes and smells from an almost perfect white to and inglorious brown color. Most people have no idea that they are even eating an item with fiber in it while others take their diets seriously. Some foods that have fiber are strawberries, cabbage, citrus fruits, rice, beans, cauliflower and oats. While there are many food items that contain fiber these items were chosen because they are actually split into two fiber groups, soluble and insoluble. 

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