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Week 5 CheckPoint Multivitamin Review
$ 15.00

The multivitamin I chose to review is called Vitasmart® Maximum. This multivitamin has a complement of almost every necessary vitamin that a human adult could need for a health life. Starting from the Vitamin A to the Molybdenum vitamin most are complete at 100% of the daily requirements with a few surpassing that and only a few others that fall under the recommended daily allowance. 
If one was to take this multivitamin on a daily basis it could prove to make one healthier. It would allow for the body to properly heal itself and could possibly cure someone with certain problems such as dementia, bone fragility, joint pain and so on. One would need to watch out for overtaking of any multivitamin since they are already produced with most vitamins at 100% our daily intake.


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