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Introduction Once your brand is created, you need to communicate it in writing and verbally.  An interview is a prime example of verbally communicating your brand to the employer you are following.  In this assignment, compose responses to some popular first interview questions.  The effort it takes to consider and formulate responses, and then compose them, pays off in our ability to articulate them clearly in a face-to-face interview.



  1. Reflect upon and apply what you learned about researching a company in weeks two and three of class. 
  2. Drawing from the information you have researched through business databases, company websites, and other resources, you will compose informed, branded responses to the first round interview questions listed below. (Questions 1 through 11 replicate the questions you will respond to for the Mock Interview assignment). 

Use the tips located under each question as you consider and compose your responses for the company and job vacancy you submitted the first week of class

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