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LITR221 - Week 12 DB
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) Based on the chapter “1922” in Toni Morrison’s Sula it seems to be very clear why she was an admired writer and poet. For example, “1922” mentions racism quite often and how the wealthy whites are racist towards the Irish immigrants and how the Irish are racist towards the blacks. I truly believe that Morrison is admired because of her sincerity. For example, when Sula overhears her mother say that she loves Sula, but doesn’t like her it broke her little heart, but what does Sula do? She ran off with Nel and made light of the situation. This was a little blurry, but I think that Morrison wanted to show the loyalty between friends with that situation and when they accidentally drowned Chicken Little. Nel could have bailed on Sula, but she did not. She stood tall with Sula from the time of the drowning up until the funeral. If I could describe why Morrison is admired in one word, it would be equality. 

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