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LITR221 - Week 11 DB
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The significance of Irene Wryson’s dreams is that she has the recurring holocaust dream when her husband is in the kitchen baking cakes. There is a reason that she doesn’t share this with her husband because she has to kill Molly. I think he is ashamed of the fact that he bakes cakes in the middle of the night because he is scared she will see him as feminine and being depressed because he misses his mother. What is important about the good appearance is that even though both husband and wife were odd, if they maintained a “good appearance” they could give the perception that they were not odd. I think the overall message in this is that everyone has secrets, things that make them feel secure as well as insecure, but doesn’t require change. Even though the family is dysfunctional, they have their normality’s. Also, I think he is trying to convey that every family is dysfunctional is their own unique way

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