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ISCOM471 - Business Process
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In 1916 William E. Boeing came from the timber business in the northwestern part of the United States where he did well for himself. Boeing was interested in planes that landed on water called sea planes. Boeing bought one of these sea planes and not long after that crashed his plane and needed parts to fix his plane. Boeing was told that it was going to take months to get replacement parts, and decided that he could build his own plane in that amount of time and that was the start of Boeing Company. Today Boeing Company has divisions and plants nationwide that employ over a hundred thousand employees. Boeing Company is one of the largest commercial aircraft manufacturers in the world. Boeing Company also has divisions in aerospace and defense contractor. To keep such a large company operational, one has to take into consideration the business processes, analysis, and measurements necessary to compete financially, but also build a product that is safe and reliable for the company’s customers. 

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