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ISCOM 383 Week 5 Team Assignment Impact of Technology in Toyotas Cuban Business Venture
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The internet is not just for checking email or surfing the web to look for the latest golf gear. Companies are using the internet to help run their business more efficiently and to save on over-head costs. The internet is a less expensive option of communication throughout the company; it also is saving companies money on marketing or advertising. The internet is allowing companies like Toyota to expand to places like Cuba, which is not the most technological developed country in the world. “The data released by the Office of National Statistics (ONE) in fact put Cuba at or near the hemisphere’s bottom in terms of fixed telephone lines, personal computers and access to the Internet”(Cuba headlines, 2009, para. 2.). Even with this data, Toyota will be able to communicate with a manufacturing facility efficiently and for far less cost than using paper documents. The internet will also save the company money by not having to travel to the country to have meetings or to check out the manufacturing processes. It will all be available at a click of the mouse.

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