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HRM 323 Week 2 DQ 1
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Ok my article is about pregnant women at UPS who by doctors’ orders requested light duty. The company said No and was put on unpaid leave with no medical coverage. Well if any issue involves union I don’t believe HR would be involved with any type of negotiations. If I was allowed to handle the issue I would read up on all aspects of Title VII to know where the company stands. I would make to not make the same mistake the company made which was to violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. The company should have offered her light duty under the act. I do have to say that I was in a union. IAM local and it was a bit confusing to me since I had never been in a union before. I felt that my pay and benefits were great as compared to other companies but each time union contract negotiations came up there was always a strike for better benefits or pay etcc

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