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HRM 300 Week 5 Team Assignment Sustaining Employee Performance Paper
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In 1991 Dr. Riordan a professor in chemistry, started Riordan Plastics, Inc (University of Phoenix, 2008).  Initially, Riordan was the result of Dr. Riordan determining that his patents of processing polymers into high tensile plastic substrates could have commercial applications (University of Phoenix, 2008).  The company later evolved into Riordan Manufacturing in part because of its strong focus on research and development and the acquisition of a fan manufacturing plant and later the expansion into the production of plastic beverage bottles (University of Phoenix, 2008).  Through expansion, both globally and domestic, Riordan has become a plastic injection molding industry leader and is a Fortune 1000 enterprise (University of Phoenix, 2008).  As with any industry leader, their employees are the reason for company success.  

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