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HRM 300 Week 4 DQ 2
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I agree and disagree with the statement it is depending on if the company
is privately owned or if it is not i worked for a company that was privately
owned and it was great working there they even had extra benefits that made
it even more better  to come to work and i can say they did not have a lot if
call-offs or low work performance everyone enjoyed coming in until there were
rumors about the family selling the place when going to human resources to ask
if it was true they denied it even though they had sold three of their other family owned
facility which made workers feel uneasy an started looking for other jobs and
someone contacted a union representative and there it all began as they researched
and found out that the rumors were true and that some of the benefits were
changing the employees gathered with upper management and found that there
was a need for a union as i agree with both depending on the circumstances
i do feel that there is a need for unions so that it protects the rights of the
working class because and as in today's society things can change in the
blink of an eye and who will look out for the employees if we don't
stand up for our own rights.

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