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History assignment one callan.shawna week 4 (4)
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The Mayan civilization is known for their architectural cities, their human sacrifice offerings to the multiple gods they worship, and their astronomy .It is well known that the Mayans different the ones responsible for the worlds use of the calender and the Mayans used the original calender to keep track of the days and the time much like we still do in today'today's's modern world. What people are not aware of is that the Mayans calender not only served as a record to track the date and the time but also as a guide to the future.Many stories have been wove that suggest the Mayan civilization believe that December 2012 was going to be "Doomsday"(),to the end of the world .In fact there are several different versions of the Mayan calender that are believed and are simply fictitious , a result of the opinions or beliefs that society has attached to the Mayan civilization culture. 

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