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In just 281 days of combat, The Third Army saw 21,441 men killed, 99,224 wounded, and 16,200 missing. Non-battle casualties stood at 111,562. However, Patton's Third Army was able to seize 81,823 square miles of territory.  It is estimated that the German forces battling the Third Army accounted for 47,500 killed and 115,700 wounded. 1 August, 1944 to 13 May 1945 the Third Army would capture 1,280,688 German military personnel. (Oman)  A member of his Third Army explained, "The true basis of Patton's esteem among the rank and file ... [the reason why] he was an eagerly followed commander [was] not because of his theatrics, but simply because he had demonstrated beyond question that he knew how to lick the Germans better than anyone else." (Blumenson)

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