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HIS324 week4journal
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The most engaging assignment so far was week three.  I learned that African Americans were not the only ones that had a struggle for equal education rights.  Each race besides European Americans had a disadvantage to education until laws were put in effect to protect them and give them the opportunities that they deserved.  I am so happy that my ancestors were able to pave the way for me to be able to get a higher education.  I will use my knowledge in letting others know their struggle and keep it in mind with thinking of all the great opportunities that are out there for all of us.  I think that I have gotten better with papers over the last several weeks and I can do better.  I exceled in week three’s paper, which was challenging to me and I see that my hard work showed that I can do it.  I know that I have to pay more attention to making sure that I have a thesis statement in the introduction paragraph and reiterated in the conclusion paragraph. 

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