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HHS245 W 8 Private Funds
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KIVA's program is to provide peer to peer lending opportunities; KIVA connects primarily Northern American individuals with individual small business owners to provide microloans. These microloans average less than $500 per individual, and are funded, often within 60 hours of application, by lenders who each contribute any amount from $25 and up to fund the entrepreneur they choose. The loans are repaid over a period of six to twelve months and lenders typically reuse the funds to lend to other in-need entrepreneurs. KIVA has an incredible 100% repayment rate to date. In order to raise funds KIVA relies 100% on direct donations which are solicited online at their website, but primarily through word of mouth. In addition KIVA requests donations of 10% of the proposed loan amount to cover their own operating expenses. KIVA has actually not had to go to great lengths to advertise or solicit funds as the response to their mission has been overwhelmingly positive and KIVA is nearing the mark of involving almost 300,000 individual lenders.


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