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HHS245 W 7 DQ 2
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The Florida Coalition for the Homeless, in my opinion, is a combination of both the client-centered management and federated service delivery systems. Their first priority is the client/consumers, and because it is a non-profit organization- it's obvious they are not in it for the money. Currently they are lacking in funds, but they work with other organizations as well as contributing companies. With the variety of benefits/services they have, they work with different organizations in order to provide a needed benefit or service to their client/consumers. They do not put everything on one particular case manager; they have different employees to tend to different needs. I find this to be efficient and constructive. I agree with the way that the goods are delivered. I cannot think of anything that I would do differently if I were in charge, other than finding other ways of finding funds to continue the progress to help the homeless to get back on their feet.

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