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HHS245 W 2 Social Problems
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Court Decisions

In the article titled “Judge Stalls Michigan Drug Testing Program for Welfare Applicants” the judge ruled against t the Welfare programs testing its applicants for drug use. Although the drug testing program did have good intentions, I agree with the judge’s ruling against it. You cannot force applicants to undergo drug testing or complete drug rehabilitation programs against their wishes unless they are a danger to the general public and have been sentenced to complete such programs by a judge’s ruling. Also, as the article stated, of the 268 people tested only 21 tested positive for drug use. The fourth Amendment also protects the Welfare recipients from illegal search and seizure of illegal substances. By imposing the drug tests on the applicants, It is in violations of their Constitutional rights and therefore illegal to do so. Another problem the Welfare program could run into is a case of discrimination because they are withholding funding from those found positive in drug use. 

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