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HHS245 W 1 DQ 2
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I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  A huge social problem is drunk driving.    The Gainers are the people drinking and driving, who, after multiple citations are still getting in cars after they have consumed yet even more alcohol.  Not only have they not been taken off of the street they are not imprisoned nor held in custody and minutes, hours and days after the last arrest they are back at it again.  They are simply winning because they have no reason to stop.  They have proven that they don’t care about other people in the society yet time after time and again and again they are back out injuring more and more people every year.  The indirect losers are the tax payers, the insurance companies, the parents or families of the injured victim and anyone else how pays insurance or anyone who chooses to take a chance driving on the road.  The gainers are the drunk drivers, 

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