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GMS 522 Final Report All Star Brand
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The goal of any firm is to maximize the value for its shareholders. It is the satisfaction of these shareholders that illustrates the success of a given company, and determines the likelihood of any proposed future endeavours. Currently, AllStar Brands, a multinational household consumer products company, holds 13% of the world market in sales of its toothpaste. It is third to Caremore and B&B Company on the global front. Despite the firm’s attempts to increase the value of its shares however, there is much to be said about the difficulty in doing so in the markets they currently operate in. The toothpaste market growth in these mature markets has been described to be, “very slow, matching the slow growth of the population.” It is speculated that the increases in the popularity and sales of a brand are solely due to a decrease in competition with companies that were unable to maintain their positions

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