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CJA 354 Week 2 Team Assignment Insanity Defense Paper 2
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Police searched the defendant’s home to find jewelry owned by the victim including a ring that was worn by Opee on a daily basis.  Over 300 photos of the victim were found stapled onto the defendant’s wall, some of which were apparently taken without her knowledge.  In addition, love letters to Opee and a journal were found in the defendant’s apartment.  The journal had Dents’ name inside the front cover and detailed events from meetings with the victim from the day they met, six months prior to the incident, up to the night before the fatal stabbing.  Finally, various drugs were found in the defendant’s home, including ecstasy pills with a “thumbs up” imprint which matched an ecstasy pill that was found at the victim’s home on the day her body was found. (State v. Stu Dents, UOP material, 2012)

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