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CIS500-data analytics-assignment1-by-Jyothirmai Nagabhairava
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Data analytics is a process of analyzingand applying some logical procedure. All the data can be categorized according to their requirement and then evaluated and extract the data, which results in enhancing the business productivity. For instance let us consider a social networking website, in which it collects all the data of a particular user likes and interests, and it will analyze and categorize the data by allocating it in particular community or division. According to IBM defines data analytics as “the systematic use of data related business insights developed through applied analytical disciplines to drive fact based decision making for planning, managing and learning.”Big data analytics is important for developing a business. As per research, McAfee companies were included big data into their output products, and gained more than 5 to 6 percent profit when compared to their previous year. By using data analytics, that will help the companies in making decisions faster with quality project delivery. 

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