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  • Input devices translate words, sounds, images, and actions into a form the system can process.
  • Keyboard entry devices, pointing devices, and scanning devices are some commonly used input devices.
  • Pointing devices include the mouse, joystick, touch screen, light pen, and stylus.
  • Optical scanners, bar code readers, and character and mark recognition devices are various scanning devices.
  • Some common image capturing devices include digital cameras, digital video cameras, and WebCams.
  • Graphics tablets and digital notebooks are widely used digitizing devices.
  • Audio input devices include voice recognition systems and MIDI.
  • Types of output are text, graphics, audio, and video.
  • Monitor features include resolution, dot pitch, refresh rate, and size.
  • Types of monitors include CRT, flat-panel, gas plasma, e-book, data projector, and HDTV.
  • Ink-jet, laser, thermal, dot-matrix, plotters, and photo printers are different types of printers.

Audio devices translate audio information from computer into sound for people to understand

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