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CIS 319 Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-001
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Riordan Manufacturing’s management team has identified a number of different areas of opportunity to help promote fundamental business improvement.  Team C has been tasked with the duty of performing consultation work to help firm up some of the various business requirements each functional area would like to have addressed and put together a recommendation for improvement coupled with a formal service request that documents each recommendation. While making discoveries about Riordan Manufacturing’s internal procedures, and through careful analysis of leadership’s feedback, the team has put together a service request document herein that includes a series of requirements to help make the improvements to existing or to-be-developed procedures and mechanisms for conducting business. The overall goal of the project is to make Riordan as profitable as possible by addressing the business requirements identified in a holistic and concise manner. Among the improvement areas included, some of the more common themes among the functional leadership team that have emerged have revolved around the following conceptual improvements:

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