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BUSN380 Week 8 Final Study Guide 2
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Asset Allocation Advantages

Common Stock for Corporations & Investors

Explain U.S. Government Treasury bill, Treasury note, & Treasury bond

Common Stock & Preferred Stock

Interest Rates Impact on Corporate Bonds

Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Strict & Vicarious Liability

Disability Income Insurance

Why investors purchase Bonds

Calculating Rate of Return (Savings Yield Pg 150)

Determining Interest & Approximate Bond Value

TCO 6 & 7 Chap 16 -19 (3 Ques) 10 pts each 

Calculating Net Asset Value

Calculating the Rate of Return on Investment

Steps in Retirement Planning

Legal Aspects of Estate Planning

Wills & Trusts

Difference between a Load Fund & a No-Load Fund Pg 516

Advantages & Disadvantages of Real Estate Investments

Why investors purchase Mutual Funds Pg 514

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