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ANT.101, WK5 As1 Final DRAFT SEMAI CULTURE, Tarasha Hickson-Smith 2
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 Throughout history anthropologist have done much research both ethnographically and ethnologically to enlighten people about the surrounding societies and their cultures. The one particular culture that seems to be peculiar to many that study them is the Semai from the Orang Asli tribe located the peninsula of Southeast Malaysia. They are the have largest community of the 19 tribes within the Orang Asli group. The points expressed in this document will be from an etic point-of-view, attempting to further analyze how the peaceful character of Semai communities plays a part in its subsistence that affects them in three different aspects; their beliefs and values, their social organization, and their economic organization. While the Semai culture is based on keeping the peace using nonviolent tactics to counteract negative forces that they feel are ubiquitous, their actions seem to be counterproductive for the sustainability of their society in today’s economy (Nicholas, 1992).

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