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African american health
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- HIV, Poverty linked: Study: Infection rate roaring in the South

- By Steve Sternberg and Jack Gillum

-Nearly all US counties stricken with both  high rates of HIV infection and poverty are located in Southern states, according to a USA Today analysis of date from 43 states

Sociological Perspectives on Health

-Medicine can identify biological pathways to disease- a sociological perspective addresses the social determinants of health

-Research demonstrates how our health is affected by our social position, work, families, education, and wealth and poverty

-Epidemiology- the study of the patterns in the distribution and frequency of sickness, injury, and death and the social factors that shape them

-Epidemiologists use 3 primary measures of health status: fertility, mortality, and morbidity

-Fertility: the level of childbearing for an individual or a population

Mortality: the incidence of death in a population

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