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Question 1. Question : (TCO 3) By default, session state objects are tracked by the use of _____.

query strings




Question 2. Question : (TCO 3) The Application_Start event is typically used to _____.

initialize the values of session state items

initialize the values of application state items

retrieve application statistics from ASP.NET

add components to the global.asax file

Question 3. Question : (TCO 3) A global.asax file for a website provides _____.

event handlers for application events

application properties and methods

the attributes for an application

the options for an application

Question 4. Question : (TCO 3) Master page events are like content page events, but the master page events occur _____ the content page events.



at the same time

master page events do not occur

Question 5. Question : (TCO 3) Which of the following is true for friendly URLs?

They mirror the directory structure of the website.

They don’t include the file names of the pages that are being requested.

They can include query strings.

They often improve browser performance.

Question 6. Question : (TCO 3) Before you can use a navigation control, you must _____.

configure the web.config

configure the global.asax

configure the web.sitemap

configure the security settings

Question 7. Question : (TCO 3) The _____ control displays the navigation as menu options.

Master page




Question 8. Question : (TCO 3) Application-state variables are _____.

global variables for each ASP.NET application

local variables for a file

not useful for data connections

not able to be modified in ASP.NET pages

Question 9. Question : (TCO 3) _____ variables are maintained while the browser is opened.





Question 10. Question : (TCO 3) _____ values are a mode of session state that stores values in the memory space of a standalone Microsoft Windows Service. This service runs outside of the IIS or ASP.NET application server process and memory space.

StateServer variable level

InProc server





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