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ACC 290 Week 5 DQ2 2
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The establishment of responsibility authorizes who handles the registers. The segregation of duties means that each independent duty associated with the process is separated therefore the same person does not complete to related tasks in a row. One person runs the register, another processes the deposit, another person verifies the deposit, and another reconciles the amounts by comparing receipts with deposits. Documentation procedures include mail receipts, deposit receipts, and cash register tapes and these items are used to document or backup the information that is presented. Physical controls include physically placing cash or deposits in a safe and limiting who has access to certain procedures. Independent internal verification controls are used as another step to verify that the sales that were made were actual counts, through the inventory manager providing physical counts, the deposit clerk providing deposit receipts, and another person comparing the two for accuracy. Human resource controls would include a required time for employees to take vacations, a rotational shift for employees in duties, and a background check to check for fraudulent past activities

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