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ACC 290 Week 3 DQ3 2
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A worksheet is a beneficial extra that sometimes makes it easier to prepare adjusting entries and financial statements. In larger corporations worksheets are helpful when making many adjustments and when using a computer, spreadsheet columns can be set up for trail balance, adjustments, and adjusted balances – there are also useful for the computation of net income/loss on the worksheet. Worksheets can be prepared manually, in an excel spreadsheet, or purchased with programmable software. Worksheets can also be purchased as accounting software that has been preprogrammed with the specific accounts that the organization uses. When accounting software is used the software allows for the entry of the transactions and automatically prepares the financial statements. Worksheets assure that the data is complete, accurate, and balance. If worksheets templates are used this basically eliminates errors therefore leading to more accountability through accuracy. Worksheets also help organizations stay in compliance with the GAAP guidelines. 

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