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Question 1
Which of the following is most likely to be governed by states’ laws?   

Question 2 
The following is an accurate description of state constitutions:            
Question 3 
Which of the following is most likely to be primarily governed by federal law:            
Question 4 
The following describes the common law:            
Question 5 
In what part of the U.S. Constitution is freedom of speech identified?                

Question 6 
The law found to be unconstitutional in Griswold v. Connecticut was:                
Question 7 
The Bill of Rights was:            
Question 8 
In Griswold v. Connecticut, on what basis did concurring Justice Goldberg see authority in the Ninth Amendment for a right of privacy?                
Question 9 
In what part of the U.S. Constitution does an Equal Protection Clause appear?            
Question 10 
The U.S. Supreme Court held that separate public schools were inherently unequal in:         

Question 11 
Use of numerical quotas to achieve racial diversity was:       

Question 12 
In what part of the U.S. Constitution does a Due Process Clause appear?             

Question 13     
To what extent is expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment?   

Question 14 
To what extent must a religion be well established in history for its practices to be protected under the First Amendment?           

Question 15 
Which of the following does the First Amendment provide with respect to freedom of speech?   

Question 16 
Which of the following is the most correct description of state public records laws?            
Question 17 
To whom does the federal Government in the Sunshine Act apply?           

Question 18 
What was at issue the 1971 U.S. Supreme Court case of New York Times Co. v. United States?   

Question 19 
Which of the following is the language from the First Amendment regarding the freedom of the press?           

Question 20 
All of the following can be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office except:           

Question 21 
What payment does the U.S. Constitution require to the owner when government acquires property through use of eminent domain?           

Question 22 
The U.S. Supreme Court has held that local zoning regulations are constitutional if:               

Question 23 
In a corporation the following have the legal authority to make fundamental decisions about corporate existence:                    
Question 24 
Limited liability companies are a popular form of business entity because:                    
Question 25 
The federal rules for general government contracting requirements are the:         

Question 26 
The following is the most accurate description of a public employer’s legal right to consider political affiliation in hiring and termination decisions:   

Question 27 
Under the usual state whistleblower law a public employee:                
Question 28 
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:                
Question 29 
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act applies to employees who are at least the following age:            
Question 30
In a tort claim punitive damages are:                    
Question 31
Medical expenses for injuries suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence would be considered what kind of damages?     

Question 32
The Federal Tort Claims Act:      

Question 33
The Fourth Amendment prohibits           

Question 34 
The compilation of all federal rules currently in effect is:       

Question 35 
The federal Administrative Procedure Act was enacted in:   

Question 36 
An agency rule that explains an agency’s understanding of the law or its regulations is known as:              

Question 37
An elected  public official who improperly applies public property to personal use:     

Question 38 
Local government ethics rules tend to:                    
Question 39
State ethics laws:   

Question 40
In a mediation:   

Question 41
Injunctive relief is:   

Question 42
In litigation, the plaintiff:      

Question 43 
Which of the following representations by a lawyer to a court during a trial would likely be a breach of the lawyer’s professional obligations?   

Question 44 
Under which of the following circumstances may a lawyer disclose a confidential client-lawyer communication?   

Question 45
A lawyer is licensed to give advice in a specialty area, such as real estate law, only if:       

Question 46
A lawyer who represented the government in a particular matter:                    
Question 47 
A series of publications that provide a means of checking cases, statutes, and other authority for subsequent and related authority is:           

Question 48
C.F.R. stands for:   

Question 49 

In an A.L.R. you would find:                
Question 50 

Local government ordinances are published:   



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