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Liberty University PHIL 201 quiz 1 complete solutions
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Philosophy and art are different in that philosophy argues for a view while art usually just expresses it.-
The study of biology would be considered a-
Philosophy is more concerned with newly emerging concepts than perennial, foundational issues.-
The word “philosophy” originated from two Greek terms: philo which means “love” and Sophos which means-
The relationship between prepositional and experimental knowledge is-
What was Kierkegaard’s point about understanding life backward but living it forward- What should one do if one encounters a new belief that creates inconsistency in a one’s set of beliefs- Bertrand Russell thought philosophy was important because
The one below that is NOT one of the characteristics of good philosophical argument- goal is to win the argument
An attitude of examining beliefs to determine what they mean and if they are true is called- Epistemic obligation
Philosophy aids theology by- providing the data for our theological concepts, helps Christians to draw out and express important theological concepts
We should put aside our commitments and presuppositions and take a neutral position when investigating philosophical issue.- False
Prooftexting is often a legitimate way to use scripture.- False
The passage that says we should handle accurately the word of God- 1 Peter 3:15
What was Paul doing in Col 2- Addressing a heresy that had invaded the local church
We are having a debate about the problem of evil and I suggest that one solution is that free will makes evil possible. You question whether we have free will or not and we get into a discussion of the reality of free will. Under what branch of philosophy would you place our current discussion.-
We are having a debate about organ transplants and the lack of available organs. You suggest that organs should be available to those who can pay for them. I argue the rich would buy all the available organs and that wouldn’t be fair to those who can’t afford to pay for organs. Under which branch of philosophy would you place our discussion- Ethics
The Bible adequately addresses almost every philosophical issue and question- False
When I offer you my thought-out, well-reasoned belief about an issue. I am giving you my- Position
We raise a question in history class about whether or not it was right for President Lincoln to abuse his powers in suspending the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War. Under which branch of philosophy would you place this discussion
 Which of the beliefs below would qualify as a foundational belief?- It is possible to be completely rational and justified and still be wrong- True
When I seek to know if a belief is true, I am performing the task of:-
Philosophy and science are different in that- The one below that is NOT one of the benefits described in the reading of examining and evaluating our beliefs:- it helps us to understand others around us.
 The ways in which philosophy is practical according to the reading, include:- it effects our daily decisions
By saying worldview is consistent we mean that:- There are no contradictions in the worldview
 Philosophy is about asking questions of which there are no real answers. –False
Which of the following was NOT within the guidelines recommended for the “critical use” of scripture in doing philosophy: -support all your philosophical beliefs with scriptural quotes
The branch of philosophy that deals with values like good and bad is: - Aesthetics
The five main reasons given in the reading for why developing the mindset in general includes all but the following: -
The science and art of interpreting scripture is called: -Hermeneutics
The passage of scripture that says we should beware of vain and deceptive philosophy is- Col 2:8
According to the reading, it is possible to do hermeneutics without doing philosophy, however you never should. –False
The problems listed in the reading with the view that “Christians don’t need philosophy, we have the Bible,” include the following: -
By “critical usage” of scripture is meant: -
The goal in doing philosophy is to start as best as one can from a completely neutral position on every issue.-
Reason is “prior” to God in terms of: -
Which of the following are philosophers concerned about: -
A process of education that forces students to think through and clarify their beliefs by asking them questions is called the: -
The element of comprehensiveness means a worldview should account for every possible belief: -
Which of the following is true: - Using scripture “strategically” means: -
How does Jesus affirm the importance of using
 We should be prepared to explain the literary and historical context of a passage of scripture if we are going to use as support in an argument: -
We should be open to changing our interpretation of passage if the evidence warrants that we should do so: -
We should take seriously any alternative interpretation of a difficult text of the Bible-
The branch of philosophy that asks questions about which the objectivity of historical sources:
A statement about what a person ought to do is called:
Philosophy evaluates everything including issues of faith:
A comprehensive system of beliefs that functions as an explanation and interpretation of reality is called:
 Which of the below is NOT one of the five main reasons given in the reading for developing the philosophical mindset in general:
 The main way mentioned in the reading that the philosophical mindset helps in making moral decisions:
To offer a defense for the Christian faith from outside attacks is the task of:
How does the story in Acts 17 demonstrate the value of reason:
Philosophy aids evangelism specifically by:
In philosophy, your thought-out, well-reasoned belief about an issue is best described as your:
Which of the following is NOT one of the aspects of “critical thinking” according to the reading:
Philosophy is mostly interested in discovering new factual data:
Adopting the philosophical mindset is more like a job than a vocation:
The sub-branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of existence itself is: Anchor

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