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Nannie Griffin Phi Delta Kappan Article Review
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             In my review of the article written by Edwin C. Darden (2012) Firing a teacher is getting easier. Mr. Darden writes about the increasing trend of how the court systems are becoming the battlegrounds where precedents are being set in regards to teacher discharges regardless of tenure. Tenure is defined by Darden (2012), as a period of about three to five years where teachers may receive special job security after proving their instructional competence. Although tenure laws vary across the United States those with tenure status can be dismissed only under certain circumstances, such as: Insubordination, Immoral character, Incompetency, Neglect of duty or Failure to maintain certification. Darden (2012)     In Darden’s (2012) article he reviews several court cases where School administrators and teachers resorted to the legal system to resolve this conflict. These lawsuits can become so time-consuming and straining that the author 

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