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APOL 104 – Quiz 1

  1. Variants in the biblical manuscripts have provided great difficulty in determining the clear message of the biblical text.  – FALSE
  2. No other religion can confirm the hope of eternal life like Christianity because Jesus Christ is the only founder of a religion who has bodily rose from the dead.  – TRUE
  3. All Old Testament scriptures are said to be “God breathed” according to II Timothy 3:16. – TRUE
  4. In the most recent century. Most evangelicals spoke of culture from a “Christ above culture” perspective. – FALSE
  5. When Jesus healed the crazed man who lived in a graveyard near Decapolis the people of the city: - TOLD JESUS TO LEAVE THEM ALONE AND TO GO AWAY.
  6. A problem for conservative scholars who claim the Bible is the Word of God is that Jesus never said any part of the Bible was the Word of God. – FALSE
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